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Wednesday Nov 08, 2006 03:01:00 PM

I finally got around to writting in this thing. Piper and I are doing alright. Mom feeds us in separte cages because Piper decided to stick up for herself and wont let me take her food anymore. She is really mean about it though. Not too long ago she bit my throat. It hurt and then mom had to put that cream on it all the time. Piper always licked it off though so it didnt do much good. I like my new girlfriend...she is bitchy and bossy and rude...but i like her. On the down side my eye is worse than before. This time there is no puncture wound, it just is huge and grose. Doc thinks i have a tumor behind my eye so now I have to have eye drops put in my eye 3 times a day and i have to take seroids to shrink the tumor. I hope I don't have to get my eye taken out. That would suck. Then Doc won't call me the mircle rat anymore huh...sad... OH and yesterday mom brought Piper and I in to the hskc with her. I got to see lots of my friends like Doc, and Erin. Tabitha and I even got to see Jen...o.0. But I made a new friend. Her name is Tooey. She is a 6 month old albino rat. She is real cute. Her owners brought her in because she was...well..."Not compatable with snake.." pretty much the snake wouldn't eat her, shes one lucky son of a gun. Shes cute tho..i think Piper got jealous. anyway see ya later ill keep ya posted -Devin Rae

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